Who We Are

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Vehicle Technologies Program (VTP), Clean Cities is a government-industry partnership designed to reduce petroleum consumption in the transportation sector. Clean Cities contributes to the energy, environmental, and economic security of the United States by supporting local decisions to reduce our dependence on imported petroleum.

Denver Metro Clean Cities Coalition (DMCCC) is one of the most historic, active and sizeable coalitions in the country. Founded in 1993, it is the second oldest coalition in the United States. The Denver Metro Coalition is housed at the American Lung Association in Colorado. All of the Clean Cities supported technologies lead to cleaner air and have a positive impact on lung health.

DMCCC is a neutral consult for organizations wanting to learn more about alternative fuels and petroleum reduction strategies for their vehicle fleets. Clean Cities has access to a national network of over 20,000 stakeholder organizations, technical tools and resources developed by national labs, and over 20 years of experience in the industry. Though, we operate on a very local basis, working with 140 stakeholder organizations in the region, covering local and state governments, utilities, fuel providers, station developers, automakers, dealerships, and many more. Together, we provide tacit knowledge about deploying alternative fuels in Colorado.

AAA's natural gas powered F250 with a mobile electric vehicle charger topping off a BMW i3 at Colorado Energy Expo

AAA’s natural gas powered F250 with a mobile electric vehicle charger topping off a BMW i3 at Colorado Energy Expo


In 2014, stakeholders of the DMCCC displaced 6.1 million gallons of petroleum and 29,000 tons of greenhouse gases. The data can be reviewed in the Annual Petroleum Displacement Report under strategic documents that is done every March.  Since its inception in 1993, the Clean Cities national network and its stakeholders have displaced more than 6.5 billion gallons of petroleum, helped deploy 592,000 alternative fuel vehicles, supported 16,000 alternative fuel and charging stations, and promoted the creation of 200 alternative fuel and hybrid vehicle models. For more information on the national accomplishments of the Clean Cities program and alternative fuel industry, visit the Alternative Fuel Data Center.

What We Do

More specifically, the DMCCC runs many programs, events, and participates in policy and planning efforts. We authored the Colorado Electric Vehicle and Infrastructure Readiness Plan in 2012 to help identify and overcome barriers to plug-in electric vehicle adoption in the state, and we participated in the more recent Colorado Electric Vehicle Market Implementation Study in 2015 funded by the Colorado Energy Office. DMCCC chairs the Colorado Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition that meets bi-monthly to discuss the market for natural gas vehicles in the state, and sits on the advisory board of the Colorado Hydrogen Coalition that is working to bring fuel cell vehicles and technologies to the state.

The DMCCC also participates in the State’s Refuel Colorado Fleets program by providing complimentary energy coaching services to fleets and communities throughout the state, and we wrote the content for the Refuel Colorado website, which is the ultimate resource for alternative fuels in Colorado. We host quarterly meetings for our members and stakeholders to learn more about current technologies, case studies, and projects, and we run programs like Driving Change, which puts people behind the wheel of a plug-in electric vehicle so they can experience them first-hand.

Ultimately, the DMCCC is the go-to resource for anything related to alternative transportation in the Denver Metro area. Have a question? You can trust that we’ll answer it, or find the right person who can. That is the power of Clean Cities!

Click here to download the “What is Clean Cities” fact sheet.

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  1. CNG Cylinder and Fuel System Inspector Training

    August 22 - August 23
  2. CNG Cylinder and Fuel System Inspector Training

    September 6 - September 7
  3. National Drive Electric Week

    September 9 @ 8:00 am - September 17 @ 5:00 pm
  4. Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo

    September 12 - September 14
  5. Rail~Volution 2017 Conference

    September 17 - September 20