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Refuel coaches help fleets identify monetary savings and other advantages from converting to alternative fuels, particularly compressed natural gas, electricity, and propane. The program also builds self-sustaining alternative fuel markets by working with community leaders, fuel providers, and dealerships. The coaches supply information about alternative fuel costs, state tax credits, and other financial incentives to help customers choose alternative fuel vehicles. Refuel Colorado Fleets is funded by the Colorado Energy Office. The U.S. Department of Energy funded its pilot stage. The program is administered by CLEER with fleet coaches serving every county in the state.Refuel Colorado Fleets is now available statewide.


Refuel coaches help fleets calculate the life-cycle cost savings from switching to alternative fuel vehicles and they can identify grant programs and tax credits. The coaches also provide technical guidance on issues like fueling or charging, maintenance, and safety. Coaches help fleet managers understand what incentives apply to their vehicles based on their location, vehicle class, fuel type, and whether the fleets are public or private. They also identify existing fueling infrastructure and inform fleets about stations in the planning and construction phases.


Refuel coaches can help business and government leaders understand the financial, environmental, economic development, and energy security advantages from promoting the use of clean, Colorado fuels. By working with an entire community, coaches create an ecosystem of broad support and all the resources necessary for a successful transition to alternative fuels.

Fuel Providers

Refuel coaches consult with fuel providers about market opportunities and financial incentives for alternative fuel vehicles. The coaches explain engineering and design requirements needed to develop fueling or charging stations.


Automobile dealerships talk with Refuel coaches about popular alternative fuel vehicles to stock and likely customers.

Refuel Colorado Fleet Coaching by the Numbers (January 2016)

Refuel Colorado Fleet Coaches: 6
Organizations Fleets Engaged in Coaching: 226
Outreach Events Hosted: 53
Vehicles Purchased in 2014: 72 CNG, 16 LPG, 33 EV
Fleets Planning or Making Purchases: 114

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