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As part of the American Lung Association in Colorado’s (ALAC) commitment to improving air quality and the Denver Metro Clean Cities Coalition’s (DMCCC) mission to reduce petroleum consumption in the transportation sector, the Driving Change program provides participants the opportunity to test drive a variety of alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) including electric, natural gas, and propane.

Putting people behind the wheel of an alternative fuel vehicle is an effective way of eliminating anxiety or misconceptions that often plague the widespread adoption of AFVs in the consumer market. Questions about performance, practicality, technology, benefits, and costs are answered by a driving experience and the opportunity to ask questions about tax credits and other inquiries. By targeting workplaces and public venues, our program concentrates a high level of visibility and convenience for people outside of the traditional car-buying atmosphere. Between January 2014-September 2015, the Driving Change program provided 997 alternative fuel driving experiences!

This program has been very effective in changing people’s perceptions of electric vehicles. Below is a graph that displays driver’s reaction to the specified question:



Events typically take place during a two-hour window in the morning or during lunch, and are targeted toward business campuses or public events with a captive audience. If your organization is interested in hosting a Driving Change event, contact Janna West-Heiss at JWHeiss@lungs.org

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