Colorado Hydrogen Coalition




Accelerate development of the hydrogen fuel cell technologies market in Colorado, and promote collaborative stakeholder engagement across sectors

Why Colorado?

  • $13,500 combined light-duty tax credit – strongest in the nation
  • Natural energy resources and investment (mining, oil & gas, solar, wind, water, ranching, farming)
  • Emissions reduction goals and environmental consciousness
  • Educated populace, demographics
  • Progressive, entrepreneurial attitude and established clean tech industry
  • Proving vehicle test environment – if it performs here it will perform anywhere

Short Term Goals

  1. Develop and engage robust stakeholder group
    1. Federal, State, and local government, fleets, OEMs, industry, utilities, gas providers, universities, labs
  2. Create Colorado FCEV plan/roadmap
    1. Strategically identify infrastructure needs and locations
    2. Recommend statewide policy, regulatory, and standards framework for FCEVs
  3. Locate and develop first refueling station

Long Term Goals

  1. Make Colorado the first non-ZEV state for FCEV deployment
  2. Statewide codes and standards development
  3. Strategic  deployment of fueling station network
  4. Create Colorado jobs by locating and fostering supply-side industries for FCEVs and hydrogen infrastructure
  5. Develop policy to incentivize FCEVs and hydrogen infrastructure
  6. Align with Colorado academia curricula and work force training

Clean Cities Headlines

Upcoming Events

  1. CNG Cylinder and Fuel System Inspector Training

    August 22 - August 23
  2. CNG Cylinder and Fuel System Inspector Training

    September 6 - September 7
  3. National Drive Electric Week

    September 9 @ 8:00 am - September 17 @ 5:00 pm
  4. Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo

    September 12 - September 14
  5. Rail~Volution 2017 Conference

    September 17 - September 20